Small Moves for Clarity + Direction

This morning, I watched a snail wake up to the day. It was utterly inspiring. She was nestled in her shell, hanging with her underbelly side up, on a small branch, with her eyes closed and her faced tucked in. She peaked out, assessed her surroundings, and went back to resting.

When she stirred again, she extended her tentacles and began feeling her way into the day. Ever so slowly, as I continued observing her, she transformed from the stillness of her shell, and stretched her way eloquently to her next destination.

I was intrigued as I watched her engage in a series of smooth yogic moves. Intention + ease is what I sensed watching her. She eventually settled on a large leaf branch in stillness, as though no movement had ever taken place.

This start to my day created a physical + mental release from the unrealized stress I was already carrying about what I had to do today. I felt rejuvenated and able to let go of the underlying frenetic energy around my anticipated tasks + objectives. I gave myself permission to slow down and to stay present to what I am doing without crowding it with the noise of other things. 

I was reminded that small moves create a more clear direction + a greater capacity to change direction as needed.  From my observation, it appeared that the snail was slow + deliberate in her movement and when she arrived at her new destination it was as though she had known exactly where she was going. However, she may have been creating her path as she moved without knowing where she would land.  Small moves allow us to gain clarity and to adjust based on new information and what our body + senses are telling us in the process.

I first noticed this snail, as I was doing my daily reflective practice. I have come to learn the place where I sit most mornings very well, and a slight change on one of the branches caught my eye immediately. After reflecting on my observations, I further fed my curiosity by looking up snail behavior and checking in with What the Walrus Knows: A Guide to Beastie Energies, which is an app created by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann.

I invite you to take the time to start your day or find a time within your day to be outside and invite stillness + beauty. Be open to receiving the unexpected messages from nature, and honor them by reflecting on the current meaning for your life and the sensate experience of the connection. Once you have reflected on your own observations, or if you are stuck, stay curious.  You may find further guidance + inspiration through the Guide and other animal behavior + totem resources.  You may be surprised at what resonates with you and how messages from the same elements or beings often change over time or reappear in a timely way.

All of our pathways + milestones are made up of small actions.  Take time to hear what the universe is reflecting back to you on your journey, and celebrate your next small move.

*Post with snail photos 


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