Setting the Pace for 2017

While much of our energy may be drawn into renewed commitments and buckets of intention for the New Year, we also have the opportunity to pause and assess the pace at which we are moving through the various domains of our lives.

Horses offer a beautiful example of energy efficiency and pace. Whether observing or interacting with them, we can experience how horses live and move from a place of relevant pace, depending on what is required in the moment.

Focusing on our pace offers a reminder to check in and align with the wisdom of our bodies for what is needed. So often our minds override the guidance of our bodies, and we shift into high gear, when a slower pace is needed. At other times, rather than trying harder, or putting more effort into something, the best action may be to stop and rest.

When I believe that the only way forward is to increase my pace, I am reminded, of the phrase “go slow to go fast.” It is usually when I skip my morning practices, or ignore what I need most, that I find more energy is needed to move through my day, and I often feel rushed from one thing to the other. When I do not take the time to do the things that set my mood and intentions for the day, often justified by “not having time,” I take away the potential ease in what I want to accomplish, and use my energy unnecessarily or less productively.

It never ceases to amaze me how when I do prioritize my daily practices and listen to what I need most, somehow time slows, as it often does when in the presence of horses. This has also made me aware of the pace at which I am engaging in practices meant to invite curiosity, ease or relaxation.  For a long time, I had a tendency to begin by rushing through my practices, as though performing due diligence on my checklist, rather than inviting myself to be fully present. 

When we prioritize our needs according to what is present for us, and pace ourselves in a way that best serves our desired outcome, we have the energy and clarity to respond, and to move fast when needed. Becoming aware of how we pace ourselves, is a powerful basis for actualizing our intentions with the energy and efficiency that best supports our actions.

Reflective questions:
*How would you assess the general pace of your life at this time?
*Would adjusting your pace better serve you in a particular part(s) of your life?
*What might you do to bring your attention to your pace to start your day or a given activity?



Right on Christine!

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