In Loving Memory of Babar

The arrival of the Summer Solstice seemed an apt time to express my deep gratitude for the life of a very special being. The day marked two weeks since the passing of Babar, the majestic herd leader at Beaumont Farms. 

However, the words did not come.

The past weeks have been heavy hearted and filled with losses, both personally and collectively, not the least of which was Babar’s passing.

I still have not found my words.

In my grief, I have felt both grateful and in awe, as deep love gives way to profound loss.

I have a heart swell of gratitude for the generous Beaumont Farms Family, who loved and cared for Babar for more than two decades, and who made our relationship possible.

This beloved horse made an indelible imprint on my life. 

There is a reverence I hold in witnessing and being in relationship with a seasoned herd leader.  Babar’s wisdom and efficiency equaled his generosity.  It was a privilege to be in his presence.

Like the mystery and beauty of an oceanic silence in the water’s depths, there is an energetic language that exists beyond words.  This is where our connection lives.

Thank you, Babar, for all of your gifts. Your spirit remains in the many lives you touched, and your presence is felt in your herd and farm family.

May you be at peace.



Peace be with you both.

Thank you, June.

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