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Around the World in Eighty Ways

Mary Dunseath created the www.aroundtheworldineightyways.com adventure that enabled a blind man (Miles Hilton-Barbour), a paraplegic man without legs (Mike Mackenzie), and a visually impaired young woman (Caroline Casey), to travel the world using 80 different means of transport.  They did this while raising funds for charity along the way.  

The inspiration for this adventure happened quite by accident.  Robin Dunseath, her husband, decided that he would like to be Phileas Fogg and travel around the world, have adventures and go on the speaker circuit upon his return.  Robin had sold his PR and Marketing Agency and was looking for a challenge.  Robin met up with Mike at a Ball, and explained what was happening and Mike asked to go along, followed by Myles and then Caroline.  They all met up and decided just to go for it…  Mary was the Project Director and ‘mum’ to the travellers.  

In the beginning, Mary decided that the way forward was bonding weekends, where they would all spend time together, getting to understand and acknowledge the challenges that lay ahead. They also knew that they did not want to engage a major sponsor, so utilizing her business and personal contacts around the world, Mary built a programme of talks and visits to projects that helped disabled children to show them that disability does not stop you from having adventures.  Setting out from London’s Reform Club without a major sponsor and only the foggiest idea of a route, they relied in mainly on the kindness of strangers.

Miles (who is blind) pushing Mike at the bottom of the Red Sea

As for the greatest challenge along the way, the adventure naturally brought out the best and the worst in everyone.  They had to remember to work together as a team for the common purpose they had set.  They also ran out of money when they got to South Africa.  A benefactor in Scotland gave them the funds to continue (on the proviso that they paid back the funds), which they did.  The fear of a member of the team falling ill along the way was also of great concern. In fact, they had sponsored a young Irish journalist to join them on the adventure, and Mary had to make the heart-breaking decision to send her home, after she fell ill in India.  Mary felt the weight of responsibility for the whole team.

For Mary, the greatest joy of this adventure lies in accomplishing it!  Each member of the group was humbled by the people they met along the way. Mary herself has been humbled through witnessing the adventures that were achieved, and the kindness of strangers in a way that will stay with her for the rest of her life. Whenever there were difficulties, someone would always appear to lend a hand or give a hug.

The impact on others has also been massive.  The legacy of the monies raised in each country has made a real difference. They still received updates about some of the projects.  When they speak at events about the adventure, they can feel a real buzz in the room!  People come up to them afterward and are amazed at the achievement and often say they are going to do something themselves.

All of the adventurers who were a part of this amazing initiative continue adventuring!  The entire group, including Robin and Mary, speak about the journey (pro bono) to any group interested in the story and able to utilize their presence at a talk to raise funds for their own charity.  Robin and Mary have had the opportunity to return to many of the projects and are delighted in the continuation of them.  They also act as consultants (pro bono) for anyone who wants to set up an adventure.  Caroline, Miles and Mike have each continued the legacy of the adventure in their different ways.  {please see individual links at the bottom of this profile}

This quote reflects Mary’s spirit of adventure: Those who think something is impossible should not interrupt those who are doing it.  She also believes that YOU can make a difference, and that each of us can be a part of change.

Mary’s vision is to keep on adventuring.  She believes that one is never too old to put on the backpack, gather up the walking shoes and GO!  Her greatest love is going to the Atlas Mountains where she supports a Berber community, living with local woman, and sharing their joys. 

Mary is a Certified Weight Loss Coach who serves clients like her, who are also in their 60s.  She tells them all the time that they could live for at least another 30 years and to think about what one can achieve achieve in that time.  She enjoys being a mentor to young woman, and hopes that she is an inspiration to those with whom she comes in contact.  Her message for taking action is:  Someday is NOT a day of the week!

For more about Around the World in Eighty Ways Adventure and the legacy adventurers, please visit:

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Mike MacKenzie www.mikemackenzie.eu

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Mary, Thank you for sharing your story and for all of the amazing adventurers who continue this journey and inspired contribution! I look forward to delving into the written account of this wonderful journey. Much love to you all on your journeys!

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