In Loving Memory of Babar

The arrival of the Summer Solstice seemed an apt time to express my deep gratitude for the life of a very special being. The day marked two weeks since the passing of Babar, the majestic herd leader at Beaumont Farms. 

However, the words did not come.

The past weeks have been heavy hearted and filled with losses, both personally and collectively, not the least of which was Babar’s passing.

I still have not found my words.

Feminism, Comparison and the Shame Game: An Open Letter to Nell Scovell

Dear Ms. Scovell:
I am writing in response to your post entitled “Their Struggles:  Bristol Palin & Malala Yousafzai’s Memoirs, Compared” published by Jezebel on October 17, 2014.
The last time I checked, I held a clear assessment that feminism is about creating and supporting choices for women and shifting stigmatic and ostracizing labels and judgment.