Learning with Horses

“Nature does not deceive or conceal, but reveals.” ~
Carl Jung

The magnificent and undeniable presence of a horse and the natural environment + embodied learning, gives you the unique opportunity to receive feedback in an honest and non-judgmental way. The horses offer invaluable communication around your energetic state, the way you lead + communicate, how you set boundaries and engage others. The feedback from and communication with horses and nature allows us to work through what is working and not for you and to identify new practices + possibilities.  It is an opportunity to identify your defining thought patterns and expressions, ways in which you may be experiencing ease, joy and clarity in your life or where you may be feeling stuck, or where fears and judgments of yourself and others may be holding you back.  Greater self awareness and becoming the observer of your own thoughts and actions frees you to create new patterns where the old ones no longer serve you and to sustain and grow what is working in your life. 

Horses are the essence of presence and sensate awareness and thereby poignantly show us the depths + meaning of our verbal and non verbal communication. Through somatic awareness + movement, the practices of stillness + listening, and a new lens for observing yourself, others and the environment around you, you can learn to be present to your own intuitive knowing and connect with others in new ways. These experiences and practices invite your inspired action toward manifesting a new life, team or organizational story. While the experiential nature of Equine Guided Learning + Coaching may feel therapeutic, it is not therapy and is facilitated with a distinct education + coaching approach. As a coach, I meet you or your team where you are right now, and support you in shifting your thought patterns and interpretations of events in order to fully express your authentic vision for setting a direction for what is next.  You will learn self-coaching tools and define new practices to support you as you uncover what is at the core of your most influential beliefs, stories and patterns, and engage in a deeper listening for the deeper truths + messages that the horses share.

One Legacy Coaching values and practices mutuality in the horse + human relationship in the work that we do.  We facilitate equine guided coaching + learning programs in a private, confidential + natural learning space in beautiful Northern CA and locations throughout the United States and internationally where available. The Equine Guided Learning process does not involve riding and no prior horse experience is required.

Let today be your someday for what is next. Contact us to discuss your individual, team or organizational vision and learning needs, or schedule your complimentary 20-minute consultation.  

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