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Somatic knowing leads clear decision making.

The following One Legacy sessions are listed with a base number of sessions or time framework.  All packages  may be customized to meet individual, team and organizational learning needs. Please note that prices listed are for individual payment only.  Corporate and organizational rates are available upon request.

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Executive coaching sessions facilitate you in addressing your most poignant leadership concerns.  You will discover new layers of awareness that will allow you to communicate more clearly and effectively with your clients or team. You will practice setting clear boundaries and energetically create the presence necessary for greater impact and outcomes. 
Package:  3 months
Package:  6 months

Package:  Annual (retainer)

EQUINE GUIDED LEADERSHIP Individual Equine Sessions
Working with horses is an opportunity to learn to listen to your body + senses and to observe your communication + leadership style beyond the verbal layer of interaction.  This program will support your learning to embody the energy state + language + action necessary for a new capacity for your leadership presence. You will receive honest feedback from both the horses and your coach, and the tools to practice accessing what works so you can apply this learning in your professional + life environments.
Package:  1 Equine Session + 1 Virtual Session (New client session only)

 Package:  3 Equine Sessions + 2 Virtual Sessions  
 Package:  Half Day Retreat + 1 Virtual Session  

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