Christine J. Erickson

I grew up learning about and caring for horses from a very young age, and could often be found riding bareback, without tack, racing across the field and through the wooded acreage. Twilight, a purebred Arabian horse was one of the greatest teachers I have ever had.  I credit her and the other horses in my life for teaching me presence + freedom, love + trust, and true leadership.  When I left home to attend college, I also had to reluctantly say goodbye to these great beings. I later found my way back to horses while exploring how to integrate working with them as partners in my executive coaching practice.

When, after significant life events gave way to systemic injustice and dark behavior that left me wary of human intentions in general, I knew I needed a significant shift to move forward and live fully. I was reminded that the relationship in which trust had never been broken, was with horses, and it was then that I embarked on a transformative learning process through my initial training to work with horses in this new way. The training and interaction had an incredible impact on my own life and business, and I knew that through teaching with horses, others could be served universally. There is an immediacy to learning through nature and horses that allows us to clarify + stretch to make significant life + business choices that are true to what we are trying to create. The process of learning supports a shift and expansion around the way we do business, the interdependence and efficiency of teams and the interpersonal dynamics of organizations that would take far more time in another context.  The somatic nature of the learning experience also supports learning retention and integration for enhanced application.

I have had the opportunity to learn from and work with many equine partners, and human pioneers and leaders in the equine assisted learning field. I am a Certified Equine Guided Educator and Equus Coach, Life and Leadership Coach, and a founding facilitator of the Stanford University Red Barn Leadership Program, which provides leadership development programs and coaching with horses to executives and corporate teams.  As such, I am grateful to have facilitated incredibly diverse clients, leadership teams, and organizations, with issues + desires and pains + joys, that run the gamut of the universal human experience. 

I continue to learn from and to be inspired by the resilience of the human spirit, horses and other animal beings, living in connection with nature, and powerful exchanges with clients, teachers and leaders around the globe. My facilitation style is based on an intuitive and heart centered approach, infused with proven processes and tools that I have learned, integrated and developed over the years. 

I deeply value and maintain a practice of mutuality with respect to the horse + human relationship. I engage with clients who want greater clarity and learning around how they communicate + connect, set boundaries + lead, for greater ease in life and organizational leadership.  I enjoy working with clients ready to practice and actualize intentional + creative living, embodied leadership that inspires + the heart space to serve others.  I invite you to a conversation around the possibilities for the seemingly impossible for yourself, your team or business today. 

With heart,

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